I won't bother commenting on the good sides of this story, because frankly, I don't think you deserved it and I don't wanna waste time linking to it in the index because it's not worth it.


Sex or not, this is definitely very well written, one of the best stories I've seen in the fanfics forum infact. The imagery and emotional portrayal in the writing is top notch. I look forward to more of your work, Taylor.


Anyway, I thought it was a well written story and a great departre from the normal 'I MARINE, ME KILL DEMON WITH GORY RESULTS' kind of fan fics


Taylor did a very good job in his writing ... I thought it was a great story, and well-written. A bit of a twist from the usual "omg sh00t dem0nz." It had a very interesting and emotional background to it. Keep up the good work.


Wow, thats nuts. Good story... I wasn't ready for that one. Ya get a thumbs up for catching me off gurard.

--Rotting Corpse

A good piece of writing, with an original theme.


I think the story is good :)


The response that this story has provoked show's that it is truly of substance. No other fanfic has been recived like this. It has produced an emotional response in many, both good and bad, meaning that, if nothing else, it was well written and provocative. Is that that not a sign of writing talent? ... In one single post, Taylor has forever left his mark on the forums.


Yep. This story kicks ass ... No, seriously, this story kicks major ass ... my thanks go to taylor ... Can't wait to see more.


This is the best fan fic I've ever read on DW ... but the emotion is so torrentially forceful ... I thought you handled the sexuality and gender conception questions brilliantly here. Any feminist post-modern critic would love this.


I have to say, I really liked it ... it was one of the most well written things I've ever read and the overall theme it had was quite good ... I for one am looking forward to more from the author ...


That's a great piece of fiction, in my opinion. well-written, with actual depth and characterization. absolutely fantastic.

--pregnant with worms

This is the best fanfic ever written.


Interesting story and thread. I'm happy we can have this kind of argumentation on DW. We'd better all thank Taylor for this. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back in bed. Imps are so horny.

--The Reverend Julian

Really well written, perhaps the best fanfic I've read thus far ... Extremely thought provoking story.


...Scarred for life.


I wish I could write that well


Jolly-fucking-good. Literally.


Wow, this is very thought provoking. It is not a mere pornographic story, as some others here seem to think. In these few paragraphs, it creates a vivid image of the moral and psychological breakdown that can happen to soldiers too long immersed in the brutality of war... something that is very real.


It's good, it's sick and it's way too true.


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